Accreditation & Memberships

Trinity College London

TEFL Iberia is accredited by Trinity College London and is an official provider of the Trinity CertTESOL qualification. This guarantees that you get the best training possible and your certification is recognised and accepted anywhere in the world.

All the course content is reviewed and approved by the Trinity College London moderating panel and each course we run is independently moderated by a representative from Trinity. The school is regularly inspected to make sure it meets the high standards set by Trinity and the staff must have Diploma-level qualifications (DELTA, DipTESOL) and several years of experience in a variety of contexts in order to be able to work as course tutors.


SLB (Serveis Lingüistics de Barcelona)

While we provide the Trinity CertTESOL which is universally recognised we believe it is important to go the extra mile and cultivate relationships with local language service providers and gain prestige within in our home city of Barcelona. TEFL Iberia is accredited by SLB, who have carefully assessed every aspect of the course, including:


All input sessions and course material.


Observation of teaching practice.


Tutor subject knowledge and competence.


Daily teaching practice.


Interviews with groups of trainees on course content and school facilities.


Administrative procedures, including pre-course and post-course services.

SLB is a professional teaching cooperative who provide a variety of language services to clients in Barcelona. The team at SLB have decades of combined experience, the highest level of qualifications in TEFL/TESOL and have also worked for the UK government qualification authorities.

Endorsements, Affiliations & Memberships

TEFL Iberia is a member of various professional bodies and is endorsed by a number of universities, such as Aberdeen, St Andrews, Loughborough, Kent and Edinburgh, to name a few. We have achieved this by maintaining exceptionally high standards in our courses and a professional approach in the running of the academy. TEFL Iberia is also endorsed by AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) which is the professional association for higher education careers practitioners. The organisation is used by British universities’ careers service as a source of information about international study.

We’re affiliated with Languages4life, the beautiful school in Barcelona city centre where our courses take place. All teachers at Languages4life are hired exclusively from our pool of TEFL course graduates.


This is not an accreditation but simply good practice – TEFL Iberia is a contributing member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of a Foreign Language). Their main purpose is to link, develop and support English language teaching professionals around the world. As an institutional member we benefit from regular publications and remain up-to-date with regular developments in English language teaching. IATEFL Website.


Is the certificate recognised?

Yes – you receive a Trinity CertTESOL qualification, which along with the CELTA, is the only universally recognised certificate. The qualification is accredited by the QCA, which is the regulatory body for examinations and qualifications in the UK. Accreditation by the QCA means that the qualification is assigned a level in the National Qualifications Framework and that it is a formally recognised qualification in the UK.

The CertTESOL is accredited in the UK at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework, meaning it is as challenging as the content on a first year undergraduate degree course.

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