10 reasons you’ll love studying at TEFL Iberia
Our top 10 reasons for studying at TEFL Iberia: 1. The challenge Signing up to the TEFL Iberia course is a big step to take, but a very exciting one. English teaching is your passport to jobs all over the world, and while the TEFL Iberia course is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. 2. Barcelona Reg...
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5 key skills for teaching English online

An increasing number of language lessons are taking place online. If you’re considering teaching English online, it’s important to be aware of the key skills you need to bring to the virtual classroom. Here are five essential abilities you’ll need to...


5 of the Best Spanish Language Podcasts

Learning a language has never been easier. Not only are there so many great language schools out there – with great teachers to boot 😉  – but with the rising popularity of podcasts, language learners are spoiled for choice. When it comes to amping u...


Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Catalonia

It’s best known as a city of great food, cosmopolitan cool, tech innovation and artistic expression. Yet, in the outskirts of Barcelona and beyond, there are amazing opportunities for those with a taste for adventure and a passion for the great outdo...


From Australia to Barcelona: Meet Jayde, our Director of Admissions

Where are you from and what were you doing before you came to Barcelona?  I am from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Before I came to Barcelona I just finished my Business degree and was working in the travel industry saving the $$$$$ to move...


Some reasons to choose Barcelona

This video explains it so much better than we could ever do in writing! Definitely worth a watch if you want to get excited about visiting Barcelona. Credit to Visit Barcelona for producing such a great video....


How to get started as a private English teacher!

As many language schools wind down or close for the summer, teachers may have to look at offering private lessons to keep themselves going. If managed properly, private lessons can provide you with a very good living. Teaching privately is also a goo...

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