10 reasons you’ll love studying at TEFL Iberia
Our top 10 reasons for studying at TEFL Iberia: 1. The challenge Signing up to the TEFL Iberia course is a big step to take, but a very exciting one. English teaching is your passport to jobs all over the world, and while the TEFL Iberia course is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. 2. Barcelona Reg...
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How to Get an Updated Copy of Your Empadronamiento in Barcelona with a Digital Certificate

If you've been in Barcelona for a little while and it's time to renew your student visa, you probably know that you need an updated copy of your Empadronamiento Certificate, which as we all know, can be quite the hassle. However if you have managed t...


Best Christmas Markets in Barcelona 2021

Christmas in Barcelona is a magical time, with Christmas markets key to the spirit of the season.  Sure, the weather is warm and there’s absolutely zero chance of seeing any snow (you’ll have to travel to Andorra for that). But stick around for the ...


Working in Europe as a non-EU citizen

If you’re from the UK and you’ve always wanted to live and work in Europe, having Brexit burst your bubble must be quite a bitter pill to swallow. Meanwhile, for those outside of Europe looking to come and work in Spain, the challenges have always b...


How to teach English in Spain after Brexit

Are you worried that post-Brexit bureaucracy means you can no longer make your dream move to Spain? Don’t be.  While it’s certainly become harder for UK nationals to work in Spain, there’s a lovely little loophole. Here’s why teaching English as a f...


How to get a Digital Certificate in Barcelona

Let's face it, completing administrative tasks is never fun. We’ve all made the dreaded journey to a government office on the other side of town at some point, only to find there’s a huge queue or we’ve come to the wrong place. While this might be c...


How to get a Spanish student visa appointment in the UK

If you're enrolled into a student visa course in Spain and you are from the UK, you might be wondering how to get an appointment at your local consulate to process your student visa. Below we have the steps you need to follow to easily set up an appo...

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