10 reasons you’ll love studying at TEFL Iberia
Our top 10 reasons for studying at TEFL Iberia: 1. The challenge Signing up to the TEFL Iberia course is a big step to take, but a very exciting one. English teaching is your passport to jobs all over the world, and while the TEFL Iberia course is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. 2. Barcelona Reg...
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What to do in Barcelona in October

Now that the oppressive heat of the Barcelona summer has left us, it’s time to enjoy the cooler weather. October is a great time of the year in Barcelona – so kick off those flip flops, swap shorts and summer dresses for those new jeans you’ve been w...


All you need to know about Barcelona’s Gaudir Més initiative

Barcelona is a cultural wonderland, with a seemingly endless number of incredible historical, artistic and enlightening things to see and do around the city. To make things even better, the local council regularly introduces cultural initiatives. Th...


How to get an autorización de regreso

For many people living in Barcelona, the autorización de regreso is a crucial document that they need to obtain before they travel. Yet, for something so important, there’s so little official information out there.  To make matters worse, it’s seemi...


How to save money as a TEFL student in Barcelona

Barcelona is a majestic city, with amazing architecture, beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine and an undeniable feel good vibe. With so much going for it, you’d be forgiven for thinking of Barcelona as a really expensive city to live in. While it ca...


How to open a Spanish bank account with your passport

Living, studying and working in Spain is made easier by opening your own Spanish bank account. But how easy is it to open an account in Spain? Is it impossible for a foregin student to do? And do you need an identity card to do it, or can you open a ...


Best day trips and weekend trips from Barcelona by train

Not only is Barcelona one of the greatest cities in the world, it’s also surrounded by some incredible places that are easily accessible by train. Here’s our roundup of the best getaways within a couple of hours from Barcelona, all of which you can ...

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