We are open!

Please read our Covid-19 response

A note from the School Director

Like all of you, I am concerned about the spread of COVID-19 in Spain and abroad and its potential effect on students, employees, and community members.

I believe these circumstances present a unique opportunity to learn and adapt and we at TEFL Iberia are prepared to tackle the challenge head on. The last year has been very challenging, but we’re pleased to say Spain has opened back up and is allowing regular travel. Barcelona is too beautiful and interesting a city to stay away from, and we look forward to welcoming back regular groups of students! Follow this link for up-to-date entrance requirements from the Spanish government.

We continue to follow guidance from the local authorities to keep the school as safe as possible and detail these measures below.


How are we protecting our students and staff?

We have the following safety measures in place:

Physical Distancing


Desks and chairs will be 2 metres apart.


Staggered classes to avoid congestions.


Mandatory use of face masks.


Masks are available for sale at reception.

Regular Disinfection


Hand sanitizer and soap is readily available.


Classrooms will be disinfected between classes.


Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.


Classrooms will be properly ventilated.

Kitchen Area Closed


Coffee, tea, fruit and biscuits will be temporarily unavailable.


Cups, mugs and dishes will also be unavailable.


We ask that you bring your own coffee thermos or water bottle.


Eating in the school is temporarily prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Current Reality For Teaching English Overseas?

The reality is that many schools are starting to open back up and are working with reduced student numbers. Some are continuing to offer classes 100% online but our experience is that students are keen to get back to the classroom for in-person classes.

In Barcelona, mask wearing is still mandatory indoors, so you’ll be expected to wear a face mask / shield during your lesson and your students will have to wear a face mask too. Classes will be limited to 6 (5 students and the teacher) and there will be cleaning protocols in place between each class.

In terms of finding a job in a school, the demand is growing and it’s a case of being persistent and being in the right place at the right time

Is it safe to travel to Spain just now?

Absolutely! Spain is currently leading Europe in the number of people fully vaccinated and continues to take health measures seriously. Mask wearing is still mandatory indoors and on public transport and bars and restaurants have increased their capacity for outdoor seating. Most of social life happens outdoors in Spain, which means less chance of infection.

Buildings are generally well ventilated and businesses have regular cleaning protocols.

What are the current restrictions and requirements for travelling to Spain?

Please check the Spain Travel Health website for up-to-date information: https://www.spth.gob.es/

What Does TEFL Iberia Recommend At This Point?

We recommend coming to Barcelona to complete your TEFL course once you are fully vaccinated. This will keep you safe and is one of the accepted requirements for entry to Spain. Once you are here you can get qualified, find work and enjoy this wonderful city as normal!

How are we helping?

Reduced prices on our courses

To support individuals in retraining or to find new employment opportunities we have reduced our course fee from 1550€ to 1400€, to make the course as accessible to as many people as possible.

Increased our online offering

We now run a fully 100% online Trinity CertTESOL course, for those that can’t make it to Barcelona or want to maintain strict social distancing.

More flexible refund policy

We’ve updated our refund policy to reflect the current circumstances due to Covid-19.