1-12 months
6 hours per week of class

Spanish Courses For All Levels

Achieve Spanish fluency during your time in Barcelona.

Looking For A Great Way To Kickstart Your Spanish?

Learning Spanish will take your experience in Barcelona to a whole new level. Make the most of your time in the city to learn the language and really get to know the local culture, with our fun, dynamic and practical Spanish lessons. No matter where you start, this course will boost your Spanish speaking confidence within weeks.

This course is ideal for you if:


You want to deepen your teaching knowledge and improve your skills.


You want to enrich your daily life in Barcelona with a Spanish confidence boost.


You are a dedicated student that loves to learn.

Fun, Dynamic Lessons

Communicative classes are fun, but they are also a practical way to build Spanish fluency fast.

A New Skill For Life

Make the most of your time in Spain and learn a new language.

Great Mix of Cultures

TEFL Iberia hosts students from all over the world, each with their own diverse culture to share.

Small-Group Learning

With max. 8 students per class, instructors have time to devote to everybody.

Learning at TEFL Iberia was amazing! I went into it knowing little to no Spanish and after 2 months I have learned so much. The teachers work at your pace and never make you feel pressured. They helped me with my confidence when it comes to speaking Spanish in public. If you’re looking for a language school TEFL Iberia is a great choice!
Nicole & Agustina

What’s included?

Option 1:


Complete a Spanish taster course during your TEFL course.


16.30-18.30 during weeks 1, 2 and 3 of your TEFL course (6 hours total).


Beginner level Spanish.


Price: 60€.

Option 2:


Study 6 hours per week


Start once you complete your TEFL course.


09.30-11.30, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


All levels, beginner to advanced.


Price: 200€/month.

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The course begins!

Fill out your online application and start the process.

After submitting your form, you will be directed to a quick 10-minute online test that assesses your suitability for the TEFL course content.

Once you pass your test, you will be matched with a course coordinator for a 20-30 minute discussion covering the course content. You can also take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

We will organise tuition payment and your place on the course will be confirmed.

The fun, expert-level English teacher training begins! You’ll be given access to our live online sessions and you’re only a few weeks away from a new career as an English teacher.

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Course Curriculum and Timetable

The specific topics vary based on your level, consult the list to see what you will learn.

Want To See Where You Fit In?

Take Spanish Assessment

A1 Beginner

  • Introduce yourself and meet other people.
  • Describe people, objects, places, situations or weather.
  • Express your likes and dislikes.
  • Describe your family and friends.
  • Describe the market, clothes and shopping.
  • Make suggestions.
  • Time, dates, numbers.
  • Describe the seasons.
  • Describe transport, cities, countries.
  • Describe possessions.

A2 Lower Intermediate

  • Describe routines and habits.
  • Describe and narrate experiences and events in the past.
  • Discuss diet and lifestyle.
  • Use polite forms and give advice.
  • Talk about the future and plans.
  • Give directions and instructions.
  • Describe appearances.

B1 Intermediate

  • Describe experiences, anecdotes, stories and tales of the past.
  • Express your desires and feelings.
  • Talk about hypothetical situations.
  • Discuss fictional stories.
  • Express and justify your opinions.
  • Describe emotions and give advice.
  • Describe and respond to the news and current events.
  • Describe achievements.
  • Discuss the environment and social issues.

B2 Upper Intermediate

  • Participate in discussions and describe your viewpoint.
  • Retell stories in other peoples’ words.
  • Express hypothetical conditions.
  • Give detailed and accurate explanations of preferences, descriptions, personal experiences.
  • Tell anecdotes.
  • Describe wishes and regrets.
  • Discuss future hopes and plans.
  • Discuss the arts and culture.

C1 Advanced

  • Express yourself with ease, spontaneity and effectiveness in social, academic and professional scenarios.
  • Make jokes and use double meanings or irony.
  • Be able to understand a wide variety of discourses: literary texts, films, scholarly articles, television, etc.
  • Produce clear speech, fluent and well-structured with a controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.
  • Speculate and use vague language.
  • Discuss controversy.
  • Use language of persuasion, frustration, criticism, evaluation, negotiation.

We’ve Helped Hundreds Of Students Qualify As A Teacher And Find Work In Overseas. Are You Next?

Check out what these past students had to say

"I now feel like a really confident teacher"

We got great feedback after every lesson, with lots of teaching practice which I really enjoyed.

JackMonth TEFL Course Graduate

“I found the teaching practice really rewarding”

I learned so much about myself, I learned I could actually teach!

Will and AnyaMonth TEFL Course Graduates

“I loved that we jumped immediately into teaching”

It's great to have people that are there for you, it's a nice, supportive system.

Billy, Gavyn and MikeMonth TEFL Course Graduates

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a complete beginner. Does the teacher speak my language?

Yes. Although our Spanish instructors conduct all courses in Spanish, they all speak some English and can assist with translations as needed. Due to our level system, you will be placed with other new learners.

What will the classes be like?

The specific content varies based on your level, but all classes are fun, dynamic, and taught in small groups (maximum 8 students), with a focus on speaking and listening. Teachers incorporate activities from the textbook and the interactive whiteboard into all lessons.

What is the ‘communicative approach’?

The communicative approach is a teaching method that emphasises students interacting in real, ‘authentic’ scenarios in order to learn a language. Nowadays it is considered one of the most effective methods of language learning. You can read more about it here.

Will I be able to combine this with my studies and work?

Yes, if you do the taster course you will only do 2 hours per week for 3 weeks, so you are not overloaded during your course. With the other courses, we have morning, afternoon and evening timetables so you can fit around your work schedule.

Do I need to speak Spanish to teach English in Spain?

No. English is the only language used in the classroom and we want to show you how you can teach without using a word of the foreign language. However, you will get a lot more from your experience if you take the time to learn some Spanish and engage with the local culture.