TEFL Iberia Graduates

We love to keep in touch with our graduates throughout their teaching career and hear about their successes.

In the videos the graduates highlight:


Feeling confident to stand in front of a class and teach


Teaching real students


Finding a job quickly after the course

Ben Hayes

“I really enjoyed the small groups and it was the right balance of fun and challenging. I felt really prepared afterwards.”

Burton Asher

“I would definitely recommend it, it’s given me confidence and I now believe in myself as a teacher. I’ve already been offered a job in the south, so I’m really looking forward to it!”

Warren McMurray

“One of the best things I’ve done since I came to Barcelona”

Charlotte & Chessie

“It’s been really fun, the atmosphere is really relaxed, it’s an amazing achievement and experience”

Will & Anya

“I learned so much about myself, I learned I could actually teach!”

Dominik Weller

“It was amazing, all the teaching practice was really useful”

Jerika Maher

“The experience of the course was phenomenal, I would recommend it to anyone interested living in Europe”

Billy, Gavyn and Mike

“It’s great to have people that are there for you, it’s a nice, supportive system”

Amy Wong

“The course was really thorough, informative and it gave me a huge amount of teaching practice”