10 reasons you’ll love studying at TEFL Iberia


Our top 10 reasons for studying at TEFL Iberia:

1. The challenge

Signing up to the TEFL Iberia course is a big step to take, but a very exciting one. English teaching is your passport to jobs all over the world, and while the TEFL Iberia course is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

2. Barcelona

Regularly appearing on lists of the world’s top cities, Barcelona is an amazing place to study. With lots of cultural events, a thriving party scene, beautiful beaches, world class cuisine and incredible architecture, many of our students fall in love with Barcelona and end up staying after they have finished the TEFL course.

3. The school

Our premises are right in the centre of Barcelona, in a beautiful Modernist building. The school is bright and airy, and we have the most up to date resources, with interactive whiteboards in every classroom.

4. The staff

We’re a close knit, hands on team here at TEFL Iberia who work and socialise together, which makes for a supportive and friendly atmosphere in the school.

5. The classmates

On the course you’ll meet people from all over Europe, the United States and even further afield. There’s always a real mix of people on the TEFL course, and studying together is a great way to get to know people. You’re all on the same journey to becoming TEFL teachers, and our students always end up exploring Barcelona together at the weekends!

6. The Spanish students

Our group of Spanish students come for lessons every day, so you’ll get to know them over the duration of the course. They’re a keen and friendly bunch, and always happy to give insider tips on getting the best out of Barcelona.

7. The teaching practice

Yes, the first class is incredibly nerve-wracking, but your teaching style will get better and better, and by the last day of the course you’ll be standing in front of the class feeling calm and confident and delivering an excellent lesson. That feeling of achievement is hard to beat!

8. The grammar

It might seem difficult at first, but the good news is you don’t need any prior knowledge of grammar – our experienced tutors will teach you from the basics up to more advanced concepts. And it’s fascinating getting an insight into how English works, especially for native speakers, and then being able to convey that knowledge to learners.

9. The support

Everyone who works at TEFL Iberia has been on the same journey – moving to a new city, doing a TEFL course, working as an English teacher. Whether it’s looking at a contract for an apartment, or giving you advice on getting papers, or even the best places to take visitors for dinner, we’re always happy to help and support you, because we’ve all been there!

10. The next step

We really care about our students making the most of the course, and that’s why we offer a careers service. We have guest tutors who give seminars on looking for work, we help you write a teaching CV, we show you where to advertise for students and we have close relationships with language schools in Barcelona so our students receive exclusive job offers.

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