5 of the Best Spanish Language Podcasts


Learning a language has never been easier. Not only are there so many great language schools out there – with great teachers to boot 😉  – but with the rising popularity of podcasts, language learners are spoiled for choice.

When it comes to amping up those listening and speaking skills, at a time and pace that suits you, podcasts can be hard to beat. But which ones should you be listening to? 

Here’s my pick of the pods to get your Spanish up to speed.

Coffee Break Spanish

There’s a reason this award-winning podcast is so popular. Having racked up 233 lessons since 2008, Coffee Break Spanish has cemented its reputation as one of the best Spanish language podcasts out there.

Each episode, Scottish host Mark is joined by guests from all over the Spanish-speaking world to delve into such topics as travelling, culture and history, all in a friendly, relaxed manner.

Lessons are grouped into four skill levels – beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced – so there’s something here for everyone. 

News in Slow Spanish

This great podcast brings the double benefit of learning the language while keeping up with current affairs. An excellent way to improve listening skills, particularly for beginners, News in Slow Spanish delivers exactly what it promises – news and current affairs told in a simple, easy to understand way.

For beginners or intermediate speakers who regularly find their head spinning when trying to keep up with super fast Spanish speakers, this is the perfect podcast. 

News in Slow Spanish also caters for advanced speakers, with news in not-so-slow Spanish, while there’s also a fun Get Up to Speed program of short stories that explore myths and legends from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Obsessed 

A world away from those flat, lifeless language lessons of the past, Spanish Obsessed brings plenty of charm and chemistry for a listening experience that makes you want to learn. Hosts Rob, from England and Lis, from Colombia, are a real-life couple who are clearly enjoying themselves. And their enthusiasm really rubs off!

Divided into three levels –  beginner, intermediate and advanced – Spanish Obsessed covers every base, from casual conversations you’d hear in the street to deep dives into cultures throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Engaging, fun and informative, it’s hard to not get hooked on this one.

StoryLearning Spanish

Aimed at low intermediate level learners (A2–B1), StoryLearning Spanish takes the storytelling approach to help improve your vocab, listening skills and grammar. It’s great for those who’ve reached a plateau, where you've been learning for a while, but find it hard to really string sentences together and speak with confidence.

Each episode features a new chapter of a story written by podcast host, Sofía Félix Poggi. The story revolves around six people from different places, who take a spontaneous road trip around Spain.

StoryLearning Spanish is more immersive than your average pod, especially for those who want to get wrapped up in a good old fashioned yarn. With read-along transcripts and a helpful glossary, you’ll be improving your Spanish in no time. 

Radio Ambulante

For those more proficient Spanish speakers, this is a gripping pod from renowned studio NPR. If you’re familiar with NPR, you’ll know the style – well-produced, compelling stories that reel you in from the first word.

This award-winning podcast features amazing tales from Spain and Latin America, ranging from the humorous to the harrowing and everything in between.

And while it’s going to be hard to follow for all but the most advanced learners, Radio Ambulante is definitely one to check out if you’ve got the skills, or to bookmark for later down the line if you’re just starting out on your Spanish-speaking journey. 

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