6 Pro Tips for Staying Street-Savvy in Barcelona


Barcelona is a garden of magnificent beaches, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine. But, just like any garden, you have to keep an eye on the weeds.

Regardless of where you go in the world, it’s important to remember that non-locals often receive more attention. Why? Well, because you’re different. While not all attention is necessarily bad, learning how to be a savvy traveler can prepare you for the off chance that this attention does swing to the negative.

Here’s a quick but invaluable checklist of the five most important habits to practice during your travels:

6. Leave your passport at home

When you’re out and about in any big city, it’s best to travel as light as possible. This includes leaving important documents, such as passports and other identification cards, behind. Print off a copy or two and carry those instead.

5. Be fashionable, not flashy

Although Barcelona is world-renowned for its beaches and nightlife, residents typically aren’t walking around wearing neon-colored sundresses or gaudy watches. That being said, just wear what you would at home. The less you stick out, the less likely you’ll be targeted as a tourist.

4. Phones (and elbows) off of the table

With such a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, Barcelona is a foodie’s dreamland. Just remember, whether you’re seated inside under intimate chandelier lighting, or outside on a lively terrace, keep your phone out of sight. Hungry eyes could be preying, and they’re not interested in your paella.

3. Buy Gucci at the store, not in the street

The vast majority of Catalan are quite trendy, that is, they aren’t afraid to spend a little extra for a coveted brand name. Unfortunately, petty merchants are aware of peoples desire for high fashion brands and have exploited their authenticity by selling fake products on the street. If you’re ready to drop your hard-earned euro on something pricey, make your way to Passeig de Gracia and sleep soundly knowing you bought the real thing.

2. Business in the front…nothing in the back

Millions of tourists visit Barcelona each year, and each year, hundreds of thousands of wallets, purses, cameras, and cellphones turn up missing. When you’re out and about exploring the city, keep in mind that alllllll your business should be on your front. After all, if you keep your belongings in sight at all times, there’s no chance for you to lose anything.

1. Responsible drinkers have the best time

Gone are the days of sloppy, drunken walks home at 6 in the morning. If you’re taking part in the party scene, realize that keeping your composure can save you a lot of unnecessary strife (and money). And remember, if you feel like you have had too much to drink, dropping a few extra euro on a cab ride home is worth it 100 percent of the time.

Feeling more prepared? Good! Now print this list off, memorize it, and carry on having the time of your life in The City of Gaudi!

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