All you need to know about Barcelona’s Gaudir Més initiative


Barcelona is a cultural wonderland, with a seemingly endless number of incredible historical, artistic and enlightening things to see and do around the city.

To make things even better, the local council regularly introduces cultural initiatives. The latest – Gaudir Més, meaning “enjoy more” – aims to give Barcelona citizens discounts or free entry to some of the city’s best cultural landmarks.

What places can I visit through the Gaudir Més initiative?

Here’s a list of the places you can get into for free or at a discounted price through the Gaudir Més initiative:


For many of the places, including Parc Güell, entry is free and there’s no need to buy a ticket. Just show your Gaudir Més card at the entrance.

How to sign up to Gaudir Més

There are two main ways of signing up to the Gaudir Més: by requesting an appointment online or by using your digital certificate through the council’s Virtual Procedures Office.

Requesting an appointment online

You can request an appointment to pick up a Gaudir Més pass by visiting the Ajuntament de Barcelona website.  

  • Enter your details and in the final section, Selección temática, select LA OAC TE LLAMA from the drop down menu, then select ALTA REGISTRO GAUDIR+.

Registering online via the Virtual Procedures Office

You can receive the Gaudir Més though a digital download by visiting the Virtual Procedures Office:

  • Access the Virtual Procedures Office web portal
  • Confirm your ID with idCAT Mòbil, a digital certificate or Cl@ve
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Confirm the details are correct and download your Gaudir Més pass 

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