Do I need to get accredited to teach English?


Teaching English as a foreign language is an amazing career choice. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to make a real difference in people’s lives and empower them to learn another language, but it gives you the chance to travel the world teaching English abroad, meeting new people and immersing yourself in other cultures.

What’s more, as English is one of the world’s most spoken languages and the widely regarded international language of business, the demand for English language teachers around the world is huge. 

But for those who want to launch a career teaching English, there are many questions that come up. What kind of qualifications do you need to teach English, for example. Do you even need to get accredited to teach English?

Well, if you’re interested in becoming an English teacher and are wondering what qualifications you need, we’ve got the answers for you.

What qualifications do you need to teach English?

Normally, in order to get a position teaching English, you’ll need a TEFL certification. TEFL stands for ‘teaching English as a foreign language’ and is the internationally recognized standard that demonstrates a professional status, gained from high-level training from a respected institute.

Is a TEFL certificate necessary?

Generally, yes. There are some exceptions. But for most part, any language school will only hire teachers who are TEFL trained and TEFL certified.

What’s more, for English teachers working in Spain and other countries, a TEFL certificate or studying on a TEFL program fulfills visa requirements

You might be thinking… “I’m a native English speaker. Why do I need a TEFL certificate?” Well, speaking English and teaching English are completely different things. Being able to teach is a serious skill, especially when it comes to languages. So, you’ll need expert training before you can enjoy a career as an English teacher.

How long does it take to get TEFL certified?

TEFL courses can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. Some TEFL schools offer quick TEFL courses that enable you to gain the internationally recognised TEFL qualification in only 4 weeks, then complement it with advanced English teaching courses where you can hone your skills and develop your own unique teaching style.

So, while you can technically become TEFL certified in a month, there are always opportunities to continue studying to become a more qualified teacher.

Where is the best place to do a TEFL course?

It depends on your circumstances. For many, finding a TEFL school near you is the best way to go. However, for those with the option to look further afield, studying a TEFL course abroad is an excellent opportunity.

There are lots of TEFL schools in amazing locations throughout Europe who offer TEFL courses complete with visa programs, career support and all kinds of other services. Our school, TEFL Iberia, is based in Barcelona. And for our students, teaching English in Barcelona is a life-changing experience!  

Can I get TEFL accreditation online?

Yes! Getting a TEFL certificate online is easier than ever. Many TEFL schools offer part time online TEFL courses, allowing you to continue working while you study for your new career in English teaching. 

Do I need a degree to enroll in a TEFL course?

No, a degree isn’t a necessary requirement. However, you’ll need to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency and experience in order to enroll for most TEFL programs. 

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