From Mexico to Barcelona: Meet Angola


At TEFL Iberia, we love welcoming students from all over the world. Angola joined us on our January course all the way from Mexico so we sat down for a chat about studying TEFL as a non-native English speaker and how she found her TEFL Iberia experience. 

When did you decide teaching was for you?

I was just a child when I was influenced by my English teachers, the way they talked and the ability they had to make me feel confident in a completely different language. I was amazed by them and I started imitating that. At 4 years old my favourite game was teaching English to my grandpa every Sunday and whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I got older, I said: An English teacher! Throughout my teenage years I had a lot of teachers who inspired me with their lives and experiences. I used to love listening to them tell me the opportunities they had working abroad and how amazing life was outside of their countries. 

Who inspired you to study TEFL?

I moved to Ireland and realized how comfortable I felt talking in English and how much I enjoyed it. At the time, I was studying an English proficiency program in Dublin and it was there when I started to consider English language as my way of living. 

I met an amazing and inspirational woman from Catalunya, Laia, who arrived in the classroom with her stunning energy, talking about mindfulness, self love and law of attraction, putting real life examples into grammar and English exercises. She was my English teacher! She was definitely one of the most important role models that inspired me to become an English teacher, showing me that non-native English teachers have so much to offer.

What made you choose TEFL Iberia?

It was by coincidence that I found TEFL Iberia searching on the web, offering me exactly what I wanted: an internationally recognised qualification to teach English as a foreign language and being able to work anywhere in the world. The attention from the beginning was exceptional, and wonderful communication with the coordinator helped me to get everything arranged quickly. 

How did you find the course?

On my first day I walked to the school and was amazed by the beautiful buildings in the Eixample neighbourhood. Meeting the course coordinator, tutors and classmates was a great surprise, the amazing vibe from everyone being friendly and excited to meet me as well, such a warm welcome that made me feel at home. 

The expert tutors were extremely nice, super patient but strict at the same time, pushing us to believe in our potential as future teachers. I’ll always be profoundly grateful to them for making me realize that knowledge is as important as good presence, confidence and creativity to become a true leader in a classroom.

What advice would you give other non-native English speakers who want to study TEFL?

The Trinity CertTESOL was the most intense, creative and meaningful month of my life.I couldn't believe how motivated I was and how quickly my mindset changed. So face your fears and push your limits! Two years back when I had that first thought about moving to Spain to become an English Teacher, little did I know what I was about to learn - life is a constant process, enjoy it!

If you are interested in getting TEFL qualified like Angola, email today to find out more! 

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