How to Get an Updated Copy of Your Empadronamiento in Barcelona with a Digital Certificate


If you've been in Barcelona for a little while and it's time to renew your student visa, you probably know that you need an updated copy of your Empadronamiento Certificate, which as we all know, can be quite the hassle. However if you have managed to register for the Digital Certificate, you can now request an updated copy through the electronic platform without having to go the office in person. Hallelujah!

Here you have the steps you need to follow to get a downloadable version of your Empadronamiento certificate:

Step 1:

Go to the Ayuntament Barcelona website:

Step 2:

Click "Tramites"

Step 3:

In the search bar write: “Volante de residencia del Padrón municipal de habitantes de la ciudad de Barcelona" or click this link.

Step 4:

Once you arrive to the page click "Iniciar el trámite"

Step 5:

Log in with your digital certificate - (if you don't have a digital certificate, follow these steps to register for one)

Step 6:

Once you are logged in click ‘continuar” 

Step 7:

Select the language you prefer "Castellano" or "Catalan"

Step 8:

Here you will be able to see and download an updated version of your Empadronamiento with the current date.

By following these easy steps, you should be able to download an up-to-date version within a few minutes, ready to submit with your visa renewal application or any other related processes that required an Empadronamiento certificate.

Good luck!

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