How to nail that English teacher job interview


You’ve prepared answers for questions you’re likely to be asked, and memorised some questions that you’d like to ask. But is there anything else you can do to ensure you nail your English teacher job interview?

1.   Dress appropriately

 Barcelona does get warm in the summer, but while it might be 29 degrees outside, it doesn’t mean you should wear beach clothes! Flip-flops, vests and shorts are all definite no-s (and that goes for both sexes.) Most language schools are fairly casual, but err on the side of caution. A three piece suit would probably be overdoing it – smart casual is the best way to go. That means chinos or smart jeans and a casual shirt for guys, and jeans or a casual skirt for women, paired with a smart top.

2.   Arrive on time! 

This might seem blindingly obvious, but Barcelona’s grid system means that one end of a street can be a 50 minute walk from the other end. It’s always best to do a trial run to the school where you have the interview, instead of arriving 20 minutes late and dripping in sweat, having run across town in the height of summer.

3.   Stay relaxed and confident 

They’ve invited you for an interview, which means they liked what they saw on your CV. Now you need to charm them. Make eye contact, smile, remember to speak slowly and clearly – give them an idea of what you’re like as a teacher.

4.   Try to keep your interview answers teaching-related 

Talk positively about your experiences on the TEFL course and tie it back to other experiences / skills you may have. Running staff training, managing people, public speaking, etc, are all relevant to teaching, as well as skills such as communication and organisation. 

5.   Be vocal about your interest in the school

The interviewers will be left with an impression of someone keen and enthusiastic. Show that you’ve read their website and gone through their social media pages.

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