Our favourite terraces in Barcelona


Terraces – the tables grouped on pavements outside bars – are a big part of social life in Barcelona, especially in the summer. There’s one on every corner with groups of friends having a drink or a tapa together outside on summer evenings. We love going for drinks ‘a la terrazza’ – sitting outside at 10pm with bare arms, drinking a cold beer, is one of those things that really makes you realise how far you’ve come from home (mainly because it's too rainy to sit outside bars on a regular basis!) With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite terraces, just in time for the weekend!

Carrer Blai  

This street runs through Poble Sec and is lined with bars and restaurants, most of which have terraces outside forming a long strip down the middle of the street. It’s always busy, and a lot of the bars sell montaditos – little slices of bread with various toppings which only cost a euro each if you get peckish. One of the nicest things about Carrer Blai is the neighbourhood vibe – you see locals walking their dogs and stopping to chat, families grouped round the tables as well as friends, and because the street is so long you’ll almost certainly bump into someone you know!

Carrer Blai, Poble Sec

Bar La Monroe

La Monroe is the bar attached to the Filmoteca, an arthouse cinema in the heart of El Raval which shows a mix of independent, classic and foreign films. The bar is one of the those inside/outside places with brightly painted chairs and tables which spread out into the square. It’s  a great place to people-watch and very characteristic of El Raval itself – hipsters and film buffs mix with locals chatting on the corner and neighbourhood kids playing football in the square.

Plaça de Salvador Seguí 1, El Raval

Surf House

This bar is right on the beach at Barceloneta and has a chilled out terrace with a canopy and long tables, perfect for big groups. You can see the sea from the terrace (or hear it, at night) and it really gives you that holiday feeling! It’s also a good place to go if you want a teetotal evening – they have a delicious selection of smoothies and milkshakes.

Carrer l’Almirall Aixada, 22, Barceloneta

Cafe del Sol

Plaça del Sol is one of the main squares in Gracia and one of the busiest! There are some well known characters who hang around there – the guy who makes art out of trash in the middle of the square, and the gypsies who sit on the benches drinking beers and breaking into spontaneous rounds of ‘palmas’, flamenco clapping. The Cafe del Sol is a good spot to sit outside and people-watch – the tapas are delicious and cheap but the service is tortuously slow – don’t sit down hungry!

Plaça del Sol 16, Gracia

El Jardi 

This is our favourite terrace in the city. Hidden away in the courtyard of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu de Barcelona, it’s set back in the cloisters of the old building and surrounded by trees and plants. The courtyard itself is a beautiful place, with a tiled fountain, a little grove of orange trees and locals reading or playing games of giant chess. The terrace is tucked away in the cloisters but still open to the air. The mismatched chairs and benches are scattered with canvas cushions and the staff are friendly (although the service isn’t particularly quick). It’s maybe not the place to go to start a big night out, but it’s perfect for a chilled couple of drinks during the week.

Carrer de l’Hospital 56, El Raval

What’s your favourite terrace in Barcelona?

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