A Perfect Day in Poble Sec


Poble Sec is the barrio at the foot of Montjuic mountain. Slightly off the beaten track, this lively, up and coming neighbourhood has plenty to offer. We’ve put together an itinerary of our perfect Poble Sec day:

Breakfast at Spice Cafe on Carrer Margarit, 13

This quirky cafe does the best coffee in the city. That might sound like hyperbole, but go and see for yourself. At weekends they also offer homemade bagels with a range of toppings which are great, and the cakes are out of this world. You might have to squeeze in at the long communal table, but the food is so delicious and everything is so lovingly prepared that you won’t care about the lack of elbow room.

Go for a walk on Montjuic

Spend the afternoon wandering around Montjuic. There are landscaped gardens, a couple of museums (the Miro museum is great and free on the last Sunday of the month) and the castle at the top of the hill which offers guided tours and spectacular views of the city. There are also a few cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the view. Given how central it is, Montjuic is surprisingly quiet – a great place to get some fresh air and greenery.

Pizza del Sortidor

This tiny pizzeria on Blasco de Garay serves its pizzas on big squares of cardboard. There’s no forks or knives – even your beer will come in a plastic glass. But the prices are good and the pizza is fantastic, as evidenced by the crowded tables and diners crammed along the bar, all eating pizza with their hands and talking at the tops of their voices.

Post dinner drinks on Carrer Blai

Blai is a long street that runs through the middle of Poble Sec, lined with bars and restaurants. The centre of the street looks like one long terrace with tables and chairs out in the open air. It’s a great place to have a digestif and watch the world go by.


Club Apolo is a legendary part of Barcelona’s nightlife. An old theatre, Apolo 1 has a theatrical atmosphere, with a large stage and lots of velvet. Apolo 2 is smaller and more modern with a great sound system. Open seven nights a week, it caters for a wide variety of tastes, with club nights which range from hiphop to dubstep to techno, depending on what night of the week you are there. The perfect way to end your Poble Sec day!

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