Phase 3 in Barcelona: Your Questions Answered


Phase 3 is the final stage of Spain’s de-escalation plan before we enter the “new normality”. Grouped time slots will be eliminated, and you will be able to move about the province. It is still recommended that you work from home, if possible. 

When is Phase Three expected to start in Barcelona?

Tomorrow! Phase 3 will go into effect Thursday, June 18th in Catalunya, allowing more freedom of movement for everyone.

When will the Spanish state of alarm end?

Spain’s state of alarm will officially end on June 21st, marking the beginning of the “new normal”. After this, travelers will no longer need to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Will face masks and social distancing still be mandatory?

Yes. Face masks will still be obligatory on public transport, in closed spaces and anywhere where social distancing is impossible. Even in groups (up to 20 people), you should maintain 2 meters of distance from others. 

To what capacity will businesses open?

Bars, restaurants and shopping malls will open to 40% capacity. Shops (and dressing rooms), museums, cinemas, theaters and gyms to 50%. Outdoor terraces and churches to 75%. 

Will gyms open?

Yes! Gyms will open to 50% capacity, and dressing rooms and showers will be available. You will no longer need an appointment to exercise, and swimming pools will open, as well. 

Will we be able to go dancing?

Unfortunately, no – Baby will have to stay in the corner for now. Nightclubs and late night bars will open, though dancing is not permitted. Tables and chairs will likely be placed on the dancefloors until the need for social distancing diminishes. 

Are you running a TESOL course soon?

Yes! Our next CertTESOL course starts Monday, July 6th, and the following on Monday, August 3rd. Apply here for more information.

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