The five best workout spots in Barcelona


August is here, and with no more classes you’ve suddenly got a ton of free time and energy on your hands. So if getting in shape is one of your goals after a long and busy year but you don’t fancy being stuck in the gym, check out the best spots for working out in Barcelona!

Calisthenics park, Barceloneta

Colloquially known as Muscle Beach, this spot at the end of the Barceloneta beachfront is popular. It has lots of different bars for working out – pull up bars, high bars, low bars, monkey ladder, wall bars, parallel bars and a snake bar. There are outdoor showers just next to the station, so you can rinse off after your workout. It can get crowded in the afternoon, so early morning and evening are the best times to work out down here. 

Beachfront cycle path

Barcelona’s waterfront, from the W hotel up to Forum, has a smooth tarmac cycle path running its entire length – 6.5km. Ideal for cycling, skating or rollerblading, get a workout in while enjoying a sea breeze and stunning views over Barcelona’s beachfront and the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Sea swimming 

Swimming in the sea is more of a workout than swimming in a pool, as you need to exert yourself more against the waves. The Meditarranean is a great option for swimmers, as it is usually very calm, without riptides or currents, and with lifeguards all along Barcelona’s beaches to give you that extra sense of security. However, if you don’t like the idea of swimming in open water, why not try the seawater pool at Forum? It’s free and the surroundings are paved if sand bothers you after a swim. 


Rising from the streets of Poble Sec, Montjuic is a runner’s paradise. There are lots of different routes of varying intensity on the mountain – check out these routes on MapMyRun for distance and elevation information. After a hard slog up the hill you’ll be rewarded with views over the whole city, and with lots of different access points you won’t have to come back on yourself. 

Carretera de les Aigües

This dirt path runs along the hills that border Barcelona for 8km. It’s easily accessible from the city, whilst allowing you to run surrounded by nature. The trees provide some natural shade from the sun, and when the treeline breaks, you’ll have views over Barcelona with the sea in the background. You can see the exact route here. Sunrise is the best time for doing this run, as you’ll be able to see the sun rising over the Mediterranean. 

Remember, it gets very warm in the afternoons, so early mornings and evenings are the best time for exercising during the summer – leaving you all afternoon to spend at the beach!

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