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Are you eager to travel to Spain, but unsure if you’re currently able to? 

As Europe slowly begins to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, travelers around the world are keen to know whether or not they can enter Spain. The country executed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, yet the results have paid off as the number of cases continues to decrease. Spain is currently in the middle of a national de-escalation plan, as each region begins to lift restrictions, and hopes to return to the “new normal” by the end of July

Spain will reopen its borders to international travelers starting July 1st, possibly earlier. 

The country’s state of emergency will remain in effect until late June; the exact end date has yet to be decided. Until then, international travel is not recommended. 

Spain is anxious to open its borders to tourists again, especially in regions whose economies largely depend on tourism. “We will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks and will not bring us any risks,” President Pedro Sanchez said last Saturday. “There will be no opposing forces between health and business.”

When can I move to Spain?

Until the nationwide state of alarm is lifted, only European citizens and legal residents (including students) of the European Schengen zone will be permitted to enter. After July, Spanish borders should open to all international travelers. Check with your national consulate for up-to-date travel information. 

Do I need to quarantine after entering Spain?

Currently, anyone entering Spain is required to self-isolate for two weeks. After July 1st, foreign visitors will not be required to quarantine themselves. 

Has Brexit affected European travel for British nationals?

The United Kingdom has left the European Union, though the travel laws with other European countries will remain in place until December 2020. British citizens will be able to fly to Spain again as early as mid-June.

Are budget airlines currently flying to Spain?

  • Ryanair will resume 40% of their regular flights starting in July. 
  • easyJet will begin operating again on July 15th. 
  • TAP Air Portugal plans to gradually increase its flights again in July, including those to Barcelona.

What is the situation in Barcelona?

Barcelona is now in Phase 1 of the national de-escalation plan. Residents may go out for walks and exercise, shop in smaller stores and eat and drink on terraces. See our sister school’s latest blogpost for more details on how Barcelona is gradually lifting the lockdown. 

As case numbers go down, everyone is excited to get out in the sun and enjoy summer in Barcelona again (while taking the appropriate health measures). If you’re planning on moving to Barcelona in the coming months, don’t hesitate! Sangria, tapas and beach days are right around the corner. 

If you are interested in moving to Barcelona to teach English, contact us for travel advice and information on our summer courses!

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