What TEFL books should I invest in for the teaching year?


Whether you’re planning to teach in an academy or find private classes, it’s always a good idea to pick up a few TEFL books. There are lots of great resources on the internet but it can be time-consuming to comb through lots of websites putting together a lesson plan. If you select the right books to invest in, you’ll be able to pick and choose grammar exercises, articles and activities, saving you lots of time when lesson-planning!

So here are TEFL Iberia’s recommendations for the best books to buy before the start of the teaching year!

English Grammar in Use

If you’re a grammar geek then you will love this book. The first edition came out in 1985 and it’s been a favourite among English learners and teachers for the last thirty years. It’s popular because it’s so well designed – grammar concepts on the lefthand page, explained in a simple and accurate way with reinforcing exercises on the righthand page. There’s also a study guide at the back which functions as a simple level test, meaning you can create a class tailored to your students’ needs.

Where to buy it: the Casa del Libro website

Price: 35.62€

New English File

The New English File textbooks have an edition for every level and are justifiably renowned in the ESL industry. The textbooks cover the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – in an interesting and comprehensive way. Lots of the exercises are designed for groups of students, so it might not work as well in a private class, but you can adapt the lessons to your needs. The textbooks use a variety of media for reading and listening exercises which are well presented and engaging.

Where to buy it: the Casa del Libro website

Price: 6€ second hand*

*there are also more  secondhand copies available on the website

English Vocabulary in Use

This book spans two levels, pre-intermediate and intermediate, so you’re getting good value for money! The book approaches vocabulary in a variety of ways, from topics (food, education) to functions (apologies, excuses) to concepts (time, distance). Each unit is short, only two pages, with the target language presented on the left and exercises for practise on the right.

Where to buy it: the Casa del Libro website

Price: 34.10€

700 Classroom Activities

It does just what is says on the tin, so this book is perfect for anyone looking to make their lessons a little more exciting! It’s full of ideas for practical activities which can be adapted to any level, and there is no need for photocopying which is great! The exercises have clearly been tried and tested, so this book is a great investment for anyone looking to inject a bit of fun and imagination into their classes!

Where to buy it: Casa del Libro website

Price: 47.59€

Market Leader

This is a great book to buy if you’re planning to teach business English. It was developed in association with the Financial Times, a leading business newspaper, and there is contemporary content from them all through the book. It covers topical business issues such as branding and management and helps your students to practise professional language and business skills like networking and doing presentations.

Where to buy it: the Booksellers website 

Price: 41.75€

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