When is the best time to do a TEFL course?


One of the questions we get asked by prospective students all the time is When should I come to do the course? Our TEFL courses run throughout the year, and depending on your post-course plans, there are certain times of year that are better for doing the course.

If you want to start working immediately after the course finishes:

August, September and November

A lot of our students plan on staying in Barcelona after they’ve finished the TEFL course, and look for work straight away. The main hiring periods for language schools are in September and January, so if you want to start working right after the course, we recommend getting your TEFL qualification in August or September, as the autumn term starts at the end of September. The other good time to do the course is November. You’ll graduate halfway through December and have three weeks to send out CVs before the spring term starts midway through January.

If you’re planning on doing a summer camp:

April, May and June

Summer camps start scouting for staff from May right through to July, so doing your TEFL course in April, May or June makes sense if you intend to work in an English summer camp. You might also be interested in doing our Young Learners extension course – a three day course that focuses solely on teaching children and teenagers. It’s also a great time of year to arrive in Barcelona – spring is in the air and the weather is getting warmer.

If you plan on doing some travelling:

June or July

If you want to have a bit of a break between getting your TEFL qualification and starting work in a language school, it’s a good idea to do the course in June or July. That way you have August and early September for travelling and exploring Spain (or further afield) before starting the job hunt.

If you want to take time to learn Spanish and get to know Barcelona:

January, February or March

The start of the year is a good time to do the course if you plan on staying in Barcelona long term. You’ll be able to pick up a few private classes once the course finishes, as there is year-round demand for private classes, but you’ll also be able to make time for getting settled, studying Spanish, and getting to know the city. That way you’ll be well-placed for hiring time.

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