Where to find an English-speaking hairdresser in Barcelona


Getting a haircut when living abroad is one of those rites of passage – having the confidence in your language skills to go to a hairdresser and explain exactly what you want really makes you feel like you’ve passed a milestone.

But many of us struggle to get to that point, and stand uncertainly in front of the bathroom mirror snipping away at split ends with a pair of kitchen scissors, rather than run the risk of leaving the salon with our hair cut into some wild and bizarre style, or with highlights instead of a fringe.

Luckily there is a middle road. There are a few different English-speaking salons around town and we’ve put our (beautifully-coiffured) heads together to come up with some recommendations for you!

La Strada is our favourite English speaking salon on Carrer de Riera Baixa – the ‘vintage’ street – in Raval. It’s an independent salon run by Tatiana, a hairdresser from Florida. An excellent stylist, she takes her time over your haircut to make sure that you’re happy with it. She’s lived in Barcelona for years and will give you insider tips and recommendations as she cuts your hair. Her salon is also really kitsch, lined with pictures of old movie stars and vintage knick knacks. A wash, cut and blow-dry here costs about €30.

La Strada it's an independent hairdresser salon run by Tatiana.

Anthony Llobet is the most well known English-speaking hairdressers in Barcelona. The company runs salons in five different barrios in the city. Getting your hair cut there is like taking a trip back in time – each salon is furnished with vintage leather barbers’ chairs and gilt mirrors, with an enormous antique cash register sitting on the front desk. A wash, cut and blowdry here will set you back about €40.

Anthony Llobet one of the most well known english speaking hairdressers in Barcelona.

So don’t get stressed – next time you decide to change your look, you know where to go! And if you have any other recommendations, just let us know in the comments below!

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