4 weeks
160-hour course

100% Online Trinity CertTESOL Course

Complete the prestigious, internationally recognised course online in 4 weeks.

Available for a limited time only

The 100% online Trinity CertTESOL course allows you to train and qualify in 4 weeks from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be prepared and qualified to find work both online and in person at language academies.

Eligible for government grants under Covid retraining schemes.

This course is ideal for you if:


You want to get an internationally recognised teaching qualification online.


You are unable to travel due to Covid restrictions.


You enjoy online study.


You want to retrain and earn reliable income from a teaching job.

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Internationally Recognized Qualification

Barcelona? Bangkok? Brazil? Trinity CertTESOL is accepted across the globe.


100% Online

You’ll join live online sessions every day with the tutor and other students.


Small Group Sizes

Our classes max out at 12, giving everybody access to an instructor.


Post-Grad Job Prospects

We work hard to ensure that all our students find relevant work after graduation.

I had THE best time at TEFL Iberia. I didn't really know what to expect before starting the course and it turned out to be nothing but excellent. The course was very intense, but it was so well-structured and the whole staff was so professional and ready to go the extra mile, that in just a month I found myself perfectly able to teach English.
Erika Grandstaff

What’s included?


160-hour Trinity CertTESOL course and qualification.


Expert tuition from professional teachers via video conferencing and discussion forums.


Trinity CertTESOL examination and certificate fees.


Course workbook sent to your home address.


6+ hours of observed teaching practice with real learners.


Job contacts and placement help – our host school hires exclusively from TEFL Iberia graduates.


Dedicated course coordinator.



2-day classroom teaching workshop in Barcelona (post pandemic)

Full Price:


Early Bird Price: Pay in full 4 weeks in advance


What will the 100% Online Trinity CertTESOL be like?

Our new 100% Online Trinity CertTESOL course is done via Zoom and does not require any in-person training at all. Your pre-course interview will also be via Zoom, so you will get experience of using this tool before the course has started.

The input sessions, lesson preparation, teaching practice, feedback and all assignments will be completed online. All the course material has been adapted to make this as seamless as possible and we will also send you a physical copy of the course textbook so you can take notes comfortably.

The Trinity CertTESOL course is very intensive and you will take part in 30 hours of live online training per week, plus an additional 10-15 hours studying in your own time and completing assignments.

The course timetable has been carefully chosen to satisfy students in as many time zones as possible and we may open up additional sessions at different times to cater to even more students.

The course is Monday - Friday and you will take part in live training sessions every day, with the opportunity to spend time in smaller groups as you would in a real classroom. You’ll also get plenty of time for self-study and lesson preparation, with a live tutor and group support at the click of a button. You’ll teach lessons online to real groups of students and receive detailed feedback from your course tutor.


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100% Online Trinity CertTESOL
19 April 2022
13 May 2022

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The Trinity CertTESOL Application Process




Language awareness task






The course begins!

Fill out your online application and start the process.

After submitting your form, you will be directed to a quick 10-minute online test that assesses your suitability for the TEFL course content.

Once you pass your test, you will be matched with a course coordinator for a 20-30 minute discussion covering the course content. You can also take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

We will organise tuition payment and your place on the course will be confirmed.

The fun, expert-level English teacher training begins! You’ll be given access to our live online sessions and you’re only a few weeks away from a new career as an English teacher.

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Course Curriculum and Timetable

The 100% Online Trinity CertTESOL course is 160 hours long and takes place over 4 weeks. There are two timetables available to cater for different time zones:

  • 09.00 - 18.00
  • 13.45 - 22.00
The timetables are in Spanish time (CET).

Is English not your native language?

You need to demonstrate a C1 level in order to be able to do the course.

Take English Assessment

Week 1

  • Welcome and introductions to online study tools.
  • Introduction to teaching & course overview
  • Introduction to lesson planning (PPP model)
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Classroom management
  • Lessons planning (TTT model)
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Grammar review
  • Verb tense and aspect
  • Choral drilling
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Lexis (1): Form, collocations
  • Using the board
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Lexis (2): Presenting
  • Asking effective Concept Checking Questions (CCQs)
  • End of week review
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback

Week 2

  • Alternative lesson planning models
  • Meaning, Form, Pronunciation
  • Unknown Language Lesson
  • Reception Skills: Reading
  • Cross-linguistic comparisons with Spanish
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Reception Skills: Listening
  • Grammar: The passive voice
  • Emergent Language
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Error correction
  • Learner Profile assignment preparation
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Pronunciation
  • Connected speech
  • Learner Profile interviews
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback

Week 3

  • Exploring authentic materials
  • Testing and assessment
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Teaching kids
  • Productive skills: Speaking
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Guided discovery
  • Grammar: relative clauses
  • Inductive v.s. Deductive learning
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Materials Assignment preparation
  • Learner Profile assignment preparation
  • Productive skills: writing
  • Discourse analysis
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback

Week 4

  • Teaching exam preparation classes
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Jobs / careers talk
  • Professional development
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Online teaching
  • Materials Assignment mock interview
  • Teaching practice, observations and feedback
  • Moderation

Assesment Criteria

Download full assesment criteria (pdf)
Download Trinity CertTESOL Syllabus

We’ve Helped Hundreds Of Students Qualify As A Teacher And Find Work In Overseas. Are You Next?

Check out what these past students had to say

"I now feel like a really confident teacher"

We got great feedback after every lesson, with lots of teaching practice which I really enjoyed.

JackMonth TEFL Course Graduate

“I found the teaching practice really rewarding”

I learned so much about myself, I learned I could actually teach!

Will and AnyaMonth TEFL Course Graduates

“I loved that we jumped immediately into teaching”

It's great to have people that are there for you, it's a nice, supportive system.

Billy, Gavyn and MikeMonth TEFL Course Graduates

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this course qualify me to teach English?

The Trinity CertTESOL is one of the few courses which are recognised by governments and schools internationally.

How much will I get paid as an English teacher?

The average rate of pay nowadays for new teachers is 12-15€/hour. Working for an academy full time (20 hours) you can expect to earn 1100€/month after tax. If you add on 2 private classes per week (it is easy to do more) you can increase that to 1300€/month.

Do I need to speak Spanish to teach English in Spain?

No. English is the only language used in the classroom and we want to show you how you can teach without using a word of the foreign language.

Will i be able to work in a classroom after completing this course

Yes, the Trinity CertTESOL qualification is valid for both online and in-person teaching jobs. To make sure you are completely prepared, we also include a bonus 2-day practical teaching workshop at our school in Barcelona, in order to give you classroom experience with real students.

What will the online teaching practice be like?

The teaching practice takes place online via Zoom. You will have a group of students (4-10) connected to your session and a couple of your classmate trainee teachers observing the lesson. Your tutor will also be online to observe the class and provide help where necessary. You’ll learn how to manage the platform, divide students into groups (‘breakout rooms’) and conduct all sorts of fun, dynamic activities, covering speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

How long will it take me to find a job?

Normally two weeks of continued job searching. We run our job finding workshop early-on in the course so you can start looking for jobs before the end of the course.

Do I need a visa?

If you are a European Union citizen then you are free to work and study in any of the EU countries. If you are a non-EU citizen then you can stay up to three months as a tourist and you are free to study and do private classes during this time. If you would like to stay longer and obtain a work permit, the easiest way to do this is with a student visa, which will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week (which is full time for an English teacher). TEFL Iberia can process a student visa for you, for more detailed information please contact coordination@tefl-iberia.com.

I can’t attend because I’m in a different timezone. Will there be different timetables?

Yes, we can open up new groups with different timetables based on demand. A provisional timetable for North American students would be 15.00-21.30 Spanish time. Contact coordination@tefl-iberia.com to make a request.

What is the average cost of living in Barcelona?

You can expect to pay 500-550€ for a quality double room in a shared flat in the city centre, then about 140€/week on food and entertainment – this money will stretch quite far as Barcelona can be very cheap compared to the UK / US / Canada / Australia.