How to teach English in Spain after Brexit


Are you worried that post-Brexit bureaucracy means you can no longer make your dream move to Spain? Don’t be. 

While it’s certainly become harder for UK nationals to work in Spain, there’s a lovely little loophole. Here’s why teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is the best way for Brits to give Brexit the swerve, to find themselves working, learning and living it up in sunny Spain.  

Brits in demand  

Despite the heavy admin associated with hiring Brits post-Brexit, there’s still a big advantage for UK nationals looking for TEFL work in Spain. Being a native English speaker and a master of the language makes UK teachers prized assets for language schools. 

So, while it’s true that most other sectors will prefer to hire EU citizens over non-EU citizens, Brits are still firmly at the top of the list when it comes to candidates for a TEFL role in Spain.

The all-important visa

The biggest change for Brits wanting to work in Spain after Brexit is the need for a visa. Simply put, if you’re a Brit and you want to stay in Spain for more than 90 days, you’re going to need one.

By far the best way to obtain a visa to work in Spain is to get a student visa while studying. With a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours a week on a student intern programme – perfect for earning while you learn. For those looking to teach from scratch, TEFL Iberia’s formative Trinity CertTESOL Course gives you grounding, and the Developing Teacher Course helps you progress your skills – sign up for both and you’ll be eligible for a long term student visa.

It’s not just eligibility that counts. It’s knowing how to jump through the hoops of Spain’s infamous bureaucratic system to actually get hold of a visa that’s key. TEFL schools are hoop jumpers by trade and were scoring visas when Brexit was just a dull twinkle in Nigel Farage’s eye. TEFL Iberia, for instance, has a 96% success rate when it comes to securing visas for students from countries like Australia, the USA and South Africa for many years. 

Comprehensive support

From adapting to the culture and finding a place to live to getting your national ID card and learning the language, TEFL schools provide a dedicated support structure to help student teachers settle in Spain. 

At TEFL Iberia, we’re used to dealing with Spanish admin day-to-day, so we can break everything down to a step-by-step process. We also help you find a placement after you graduate, with a number of key job contacts and our very own host school that hires teachers exclusively from us. As a TEFL student teacher, you’ll also have access to a network of experienced Barcelona teachers, who can each offer you their perspective on teaching and living in this amazing city.

All this means you won’t be alone as you adapt to a new life in Spain. And, although you’ll definitely need the support, for anyone with the patience, persistence and flexibility to make the move, it will no doubt be a profound, life-changing experience.

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